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The SHOE MGK Shoe Brush is the designed to be used with the full line of SHOE MGK shoe cleaning products.

A rubber Crepe Ribbon mounted onto a beechwood handle. The Shoe MGK Suede Brush removes soiling and stains of all varieties from your favorite Suede Shoes. The specially designed rubber ribbon restores the soft texture of suede and helps reduce matting.

This harm-free brush doesn’t require any cleaning solution. The design of the brush allows texture and nap to be returned to the suede as well as brush away stains and grime. The Shoe MGK Suede Brush does not damage the color or texture of the shoe.

The Suede Brush cleans all Suede and Nubuck products and can tackle tough soiling as well as matted texture. Use the Suede Brush to clean nubuck and suede as well as restore the original texture of the soft leather.

(1) Shoe MGK Suede Brush

Gently rub brush back and forth using long strokes to raise the nap on the entire shoe surface and restore the texture to matted down areas.

Weight 0.15 lbs
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